About us

February 24, 2022, everyone guessed, but no one expected such a scenario. The attack of Putin's Russia on Ukraine, the action and our reaction - WE HELP! After a moment of analysis, we come to the conclusion that we can take "under our roof" people seeking safe shelter, we can provide them with food and the necessary means for a decent life.

We started contact with our best friends and friends from Poland and from all of the Word. Everyone wants to help. In Żyrzyn, the place where the funders of our Foundation live, spontaneously the management center, whereby we offered a place to stay for refugees and a collected point for fundraising. We provided border access.

We carry out professional projects, we are guided by the premise of „ sky is the limit”.

This refers to both our involvement in the project and the effectiveness of the actions taken.

We approach the topic of help in the same way. We do our best, under time pressure, with a plan in which there are more unknowns than known. One thing is known, you need to pass an exam in humanity and help.

We take the same approach to the subject of help. Do our best, under time pressure, with a plan that has more unknowns than knowns. One thing is known, you have to pass a test of humanity and help.

A few days after the start of the support action , we have already hosted 40 people from Ukraine, mainly women and children. We faced the challenge of providing them immediately, from a visit to the doctor, medicines, hygiene measures, specialized food, including a wheelchair.

We make some calls and everything it’s done.

But we keep going. Another expedition to the border crossing and ownord to Ukraine, they allow us to take some information about what they need immediately and for who. The range of our activities grows larger.

We work with enthusiasm, to reach out to those most in need.

Action and hard work would not have been so effective, if it weren't for the donors. The quantity and value of the donated gift is indescribable. We unpacked lory every day.

One of the biggest donors is residents of Königswinter in Germany, the hometown of one of the founders of our Foundation.

A few words about the Founder of the Foundation.

Both gentlemen are entrepreneurs with vision. Cezary dynamically develops the family furniture business with great care and respect for the environment. Michał, while creating innovative solutions in the e-commerce industry. 

Why Foundation? 

Spontaneous provision of help needed to be systematized. By registering the Foundation, we can expand our activities and raise new funds to help Ukraine, not only in the short term, but also in the long term.

The Foundation not have any business activities

We are a non-profit foundation. None of the persons serving on the organs of the Foundation shall receive any remuneration.