We collect gifts for refugees staying in our poviat:

We most need:
  • food with a long shelf life
  • powdered milk, porridges, sweets for children
  • blankets, mattresses, pillows for an orphanage
  • household appliances (washing machines, dryers, tv)

We supply "reception" points with articles, food, basic for adult children, including:

We most need:
  • water, drinks
  • sandwiches
  • cheese, yoghurt
  • diapers
  • basic personal hygiene items

We are organizing a fundraising for the purchase of art. medical and ambulance equipment, which will be delivered to areas affected by hostilities (medicines, dressings)

We collect funds to finance the purchase of 20 power generators for hospitals located in besieged cities in Ukraine.

Collection points (after prior contact on the phone number 602690721)
24-103 Żyrzyn ul. Millennium 142
05-816 Michałowice ul. Św. Antoni 3