General provisions




1. Foundation under the name "Help the Ukraine Children foundation", hereinafter referred to as the Foundation, established by: Cezary

RUŁK and Michael GRABKA, hereinafter referred to as the founders, by a notarial deed drawn up by a notary public, Elżbieta Zawadzka in Ryki, a notary office in Ryki, ul. Słowackiego No. 5, on March 1, 2022, it acts on the basis of provisions of Polish law and these Articles of Association.

2. The Foundation is apolitical and not related to any denomination.




The Foundation has legal personality.




The seat of the foundation is the town Żyrzyn.




1. The area of ​​activity of the Foundation

is the territory of the Republic of Poland, but to the extent necessary for properly achieving its goals, it can also operate outside

borders of the Republic of Poland.

2. The Foundation may for the purposes of cooperation with foreign countries use the translation of the name in selected foreign languages.




The Foundation may establish badges and honorary medals

and award them, along with other prizes and awards, to natural persons and a legal merit for the foundation.



Goals and Principles Foundation activities.




The goals of the Foundation are:

- charity work;

- activities for the disabled;

- promotion of employment and professional activation of people

unemployed and threatened with unemployment;

- ecology and protection of animals;

- promotion and organization of volunteering;

- help for families and children from Ukraine.




The Foundation achieves its goals by:

1. Conducting civic counseling, in the form of independent services supporting the independence of citizens.

2. Advocacy of interests of marginalized groups


3. Educational, publishing and research activities.

4. Cooperation with local and government authorities

and non-governmental organizations to the extent specified in the objectives of the action


5. Arranging the transport and accommodation of refugees

from Ukraine.


§ 8


In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation may support activities of other people and institutions coinciding with its goals.


Property and income of the Foundation.




The Foundation's assets are hers founding fund in the amount of PLN 1,000 (one thousand) and other property acquired by the Foundation in the course of its operation.




The Foundation's income may come from in particular with:

- donations, inheritance and bequests;

- subsidies from legal entities and subsidies;

- income from movable and immovable property;

- profit from bank deposits;

- income from collections and public events;

- subsidies EU.





1. Revenue from subsidies, subsidies, donations, inheritances and bequests can be used for purposes Foundation only with respect for the will of the heirs or donors.


2. In matters of accepting donations and inheritance, Fr. benefits required by law are provided by the Foundation's Management Board.


3. In the event of establishing a foundation for inheritance

its board of directors submits a benefit on acceptance of inheritance with benefit inventory.


Foundation authorities.




1. The Foundation's authorities are:


a) Foundation Council,

b) the Management Board of the Foundation.


2. Members of the Foundation's Council do not charge

remuneration for participation in the work of this body, with the exception of reimbursement documented expenses related to participation in the work of these bodies, in including travel costs.


Foundation Council.





1. The Foundation Council is a decision-making body control and opinion maker of the Foundation.

2. The Foundation Council consists of two members.

3. By virtue of the statute, the Foundation Council is composed of


4. Members of the first composition of the Council

appointed by the Founders. More council members replace those who have quit to perform this function or to extend the composition of the Council, is appointed by the Council's decision.

5. In particularly justified cases in cases of dismissal of a member of the Council and thus deprivation of his membership in

The Board may take place as a result of a resolution adopted unanimously by the others members of the Foundation Council. Founders cannot be deprived in this way membership in the Foundation Council.

6. Membership in the Foundation Council it ceases in the event of a written resignation from membership or the death of a Supervisory Board member.

7. Membership in the Foundation Council cannot be combined

with performing a function in the Foundation's Management Board or with an employment relationship with the Foundation.

8. If a Supervisory Board member is appointed Foundation, with his consent, to the Foundation's Management Board or referral by a member of the Council The Foundation's employment relationship with the Foundation - membership of such a person in the Foundation's Council is suspended, respectively, for the time of performing the function or the duration of the employment relationship.

9. The Supervisory Board elects a Chairman from among its members

Advice. The Chairman of the Council manages the work of the Council and represents it outside and convenes and chairs the meetings of the Council.




1. The Foundation Council meets every at least once a year.

2. The Foundation's Council is convened by the Chairman of the Council from on its own initiative or at the request of the Management Board or the Founder, submitted in writing.

3. The Foundation Council makes decisions in the form of resolutions

- by a simple majority of votes, in the event of an equal number of votes, the casting vote is held


The chairman.




The tasks of the Council include in particular:

1. Appointment and dismissal of the President and members of the Management Board.

2. Making decisions on employing members of the Management Board and determining their remuneration.

3. Assessment of the work of the Management Board, accepting annual reports or balance sheets and granting a vote of approval to members of the Management Board.

4. Controlling the current activities of the Foundation's Management Board.

5. Setting out the main directions of the Foundation's activities.

6. Supervision over the activities of the Foundation.

7. Taking, at the request of the Foundation's Management Board, decisions on merging with another Foundation or on the liquidation of the Foundation.




The Foundation Council, in order to perform its tasks, is entitled to:

1.require the Management Board of the Foundation to present all documents relating to the Foundation's activities,

2. audit the assets and financial control of the Foundation.


Foundation Board.




1. The Management Board of the Foundation consists of one to three persons appointed by the Foundation Council for a three-year term.

2. The function of a member of the Management Board may be performed for more than one term.

3. The Foundation Council appoints the President of the Management Board.

4. The Management Board of the Foundation as a whole or its individual members may be dismissed by the Foundation Council before the end of the term of office by way of a resolution adopted unanimously by all members of the Council.




1. The Management Board manages the activities of the Foundation and represents it outside.

2. The tasks of the Management Board include in particular:

a) adopting the Foundation's annual action plans and financial plans,

b) adopting regulations,

c) managing the Foundation's assets,

d) determining the amount of employment and the amount of funds for the remuneration of employees of the Foundation,

e) making decisions on all matters not transferred to the competence of other authorities,

f) accepting donations, inheritance and bequests, subsidies and grants,

g) submitting a request and consenting to changes in the Foundation's statute, merger with another Foundation and liquidation of the Foundation.

3. The Management Board makes decisions at meetings in the form of resolutions - by a simple majority of votes of its members present at the meeting of the Management Board.

4. All members of the Management Board must be informed about the meeting.

5. The Management Board may appoint proxies to manage a separate sphere of matters belonging to the Foundation's tasks.

6. Every year, by September 30, the Management Board is obliged to submit to the Foundation's Council an Annual Report on the Foundation's activities.






Each member of the Management Board is entitled to submit declarations of will on behalf of the Foundation.


Change of the Articles of Association




Changes in the Foundation's statute are made by the Foundation Council with the consent of the Foundation's Management Board. Amendments to the statute may relate to the goals for the implementation of which the Foundation was established and specified in the founding act.


Connection with another foundation.




1. The Foundation may merge with another foundation for the effective achievement of its goals.

2. A merger with another foundation may not take place if it could result in a significant one changing the Foundation's goal.




In cases of merging with another Foundation, the management board is competent, but its decisions are made by unanimous resolution and require approval by the Foundation's Council to be effective.


Liquidation of the Foundation.




1. The Foundation shall be liquidated when the goals for which it was established are achieved or when its financial resources and property are exhausted.

2. The liquidators of the Foundation are appointed and dismissed by the Foundation Council.




the decision on liquidation is made by the Management Board by unanimous resolution which requires the approval of the Foundation's Council in order to produce legal effects.




The funds and property remaining after the liquidation of the Foundation may be allocated, by virtue of a resolution of the Foundation Council, to foundations with similar goals operating in the Republic of Poland.